Project home

One of the first project we where able to help with was to build and provide a roof over the heads of a family who where in desperate need. 

Unfortunately the family has no stable income and the children in the family are not old enough to provide and support at this moment.

Due to rainfall and other circumstances their current home was falling to pieces and eventually it would have collapsed on top of them. 

Project home - solution

It was clear to us that even with the lovely donation we had received it would not be possible to build a house out of bricks, In Shaa Allah this is something we can achieve later on.

The best alternative and solution was to strengthen the foundation of the home and secure it by using tin. Not only would it give the home a stronger structure it will also help with dire conditions like rainfall to prevent the house from collapsing again.

Project home - outcome

Alhumdullilah, with your generous donations and du’as we where able to complete the project and give the family a secure and solid home. 

We are extremely pleased that we where able to help and support this family in Bangladesh. We would like to thank everyone that had donated and made du’a for us and the project, without your humble contributions this project wouldn’t have been completed.

“We would like to thank the team of Steps to Jannah and everyone that donated to build our home, may Allah (swt) bless you for your contributions and we will keep you in our du’as always” – Project Home Family Members.